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pwnt. Capitalized.
Noone has never had a real reference or fitting avatar before. Instead, he's had this for a few months.
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Aliases: Best Games Forever
Interests: Programming, doing nothing, being Noone.
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Noone is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on December 23rd, 2006. Although spelled like "Noon", his name is actually pronounced "No - one". It is made into one word because he's awesome like that. His first post was a reply to a SMB3 topic, which happened to be seven months old. Around six months later, he came back to the forums to discuss and post his own fangames. Although working on many different fangames over the years, he has not completed one, except for the mini-game Sub-pop Seas, which won Mini-game Competition 33. His is mainly a fangamer, and not much of a community member.

Noob Days

Noone started his game making hobby after playing some low-quality games make with Game Maker. While technically the games were some horrible Mario Portal fangames, he thought they were absolutly amazing. He was led to Game Maker by the splash in the top-left corner of the loading screen - the symbol of a user that hadn't registered.

Quickly, within hours of downloading the program, he created an amazing game. Shoot the Bunny I, essentially a "Capture the Clown" game was finished. The next morning he made a sequel, and was pondering whether or not to sell these epic games.

Then he went on to make two games, Foodle, and Dark Eclipse. These started the three year failing streak Noone has continued today, excluding Subpop Seas.

He finally got into the trademark time of a noob's life. Fangames. Having run out of ideas for his own games, Noone started to create an amazing sequel to Kirby's Adventure, where Kirby must ride a star across a planet-less, yet star covered space.

Quitting that, he decided to make a Yoshi platformer... from the platform tutorial. He worked on it two or so days, he decided the project needed some major advertisement and publicity. So he registered on the GM Showcase (lost to time) under the username "Best Games Forever" (which he still is known as in some places) and posted some blurry images of the game. He got member of the week, somehow, and kinda blew it by not knowing what noob or buddy meant (we all have our moments...?).

Next is mainly a bunch of programs and small games to help himself learn GML, such as Roadside, GMUC, and a pinball engine.

Then he finally made a mark on the work, graduating from noobhood and into the real world. DjrelliK and Phy's engine. He edited and made it a lot easier to use, made it a lot more like SMA4, converted to GM6, added powerups, and practically renewed the engine. The game only got 1000 or so downloads, but it was a step up.


This is basically how Noone got to become a member of the community. His fangame, Old Super Mario Bros., received lots of attention, although the engine was very weak. The engine eventually led to the collapse of the game, but he did gain one friend, Razz, who liked the project a lot. There were two others interested in the project, but they mainly wanted to have the engine.

The opensource is currently available at Yoyo Games, after Noone canned the project.


For a period of 4 or 5 months, Noone became very inactive at MFGG. He barely posted, maybe once every month or so. He did come back after that time, to work on more fangames, such as Zelda Online, the "MORPG" he is currently developing.


Noone, after starting Zelda Online, had made plans to enter NCFC in 2008. The year before there weren't many games of he could enter. Old Super Mario Bros. would have been the closest thing to it, but was not far enough in development at the time.

The booth was a basic black background HTML page with a PHP guestbook, the video, a GIF of screenshots and a short "about", with the engine test.

The engine test was fairly good. It had the connection, movement, signs, and grass/bushes finished.


  • "Times come and go. People move on."
  • "Old Super Mario Bros and Zelda Online are both canned for good."
  • "All we keep is the people we meet and the memories we hold dearly."