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A sprite is a generally raster graphic in a two-dimensional application (can also called as pixel art) which provides a user with a Graphical User Interface, for ease in his or her interpretation of data. Creation of sprites is known as spriting and practitioners are spriters.

As sprites must generally be created by hand, they can reflect the artist's overall art form, or style; an individual spriter's style can be surprisingly distinctive.

Novice spriters often make the mistake of pillow-shading their sprites - that is, shading them simply with dark on the corners and light on the inside. For this and other reasons, novice spriters often receive harsh criticism from more experienced peers.

When working in three dimensions, the equivalent of a sprite is known as a particle.


Sprites are a common graphic aspect of two-dimensional games, and generally far more common than vector. Its three-dimensional counterpart is the particle, and they may be used as textures on a model.

When a number of sprites are grouped together to form one image, it is known as a sprite sheet. These sheets are especially useful for people who want to use a sprite but don't have a Clickteam product to view Klik Libraries. Good sprite sheets aim to have as many animations as possible to complete it.

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