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Interests: Videogames, anime, microbiology, yuri/shoujo-ai(non-explicit)
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Ryoga is an MFGGer who joined the MFGG Forums on December 10th, 2005, a few days after seeing FuPoo logging onto it to check video game info from Ryoga's brother's laptop whilst Ryoga, his brother, and FuPoo were having a get together of Mario Party and several --- VS. --- games on the Dreamcast. Ryoga, having been 11 at the time, promptly signed up thinking that MFGG would be cool and fun. When asked, his first few memories from MFGG without looking at his post record were having his grammar ridiculed by Duckboy and Lightning and having one or two members accusing him of "ripping-off" his username from Ryo.


After registering in December of 2005, Ryoga not too long after disappeared when he had to enter the 6th grade. His disappearance was due to failing grades near the end of the year. He believes he came back in 2006 before that, and then once again in 2007 only to be grounded again for grades. He made a return in what he believes to be early 2008 but mainly stuck to posting within the Casual Conversation Castle only sometimes venturing out to post in the Wii Discussion and General Chat.

His first ban was a joke Ryoga had thought MFGG would get a laugh out of, but it turned out quite the opposite. Enough people had complained that he had received a ban. The second was one her believes he wouldn't get banned for. He thought because the upper body's "naughty bits" were covered, it would be O.K. by the forum's standards. The second ban would also take away his Casual Member status, making him post much more frequently in the General Chat. In less than two months, his post count went up over 600 more posts.


When asked, Ryoga said he is not sure if he has many MFGG friends. He is rather fond of Pip Bernadotte and Saberie; although they aren't on MFGG much any more. He rather likes the Medafs (Mrs. Aforcer and Medaforcer/Mr. Aforcer) as well. And for whatever reason, he just plain likes Ravan. Otherwise, he doesn't see many other members liking him/considering him a friend or acquaintance. He comes to this conclusion by looking at the Johari and Nohari links in his signature, although he is unsure whether or not people were serious or just joking.


After other users bugged him about not having an original reference, Ryoga took the time to pay a friend to draw for him a character of his(Ryoga's) own design. He asked the friend to do it only because he isn't what one would call a "talented artist". However, these images were hosted on Photobucket and shortly after disappeared, as have other references of him drawn by other members.

References:By 123James[1]By Demonlemon[2]By Baconface[3]By Luigi #1 [4] By Ashura [5]

Other Miscellaneous Information You Didn't Need to Nor Probably Want to Know

  • He is fifteen.
  • His birthday is December 14th as of 1993.
  • His favourite colours are, in this order: maroon, crimson, indigo, black, and white.
  • He tends to use the British spellings seeing as it had become a habit at one point.
  • He uses the Codec Skin.
  • He despises the Playstation controller. So hard to use. All them buttons.
  • He is left handed.
  • He has an IQ that ranges from 113-128 depending on which of the test he took you score by.
  • He despises math with a passion.
  • He hopes to become a microbiologist, mainly a virologist or something along those branches.
  • His SSBB characters include: Ike, Marth, Ness/Lucas, Toon Link, Peach, Falco, ZZS/Samus. Snake and Lucario are last resorts/just for fun characters. (Currently trying to revive R.O.B.)