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Vandalism is the act of intentionally filling a formerly useful article with useless, counterproductive, or inflammatory content. This is unacceptable. Vandalizing the wiki will result in various consequences up to outright account termination.

MFGGWiki has only a few administators, making handling vandalism impractical. Users may help to combat vandalism with the following actions:

  1. Contact a Wiki moderator (VinnyVideo and Yoshin) when a particular page is vandalized often
  2. Utilize undo and rollback in the History tab of a page. undo will undo a single revision, and remove it from server memory. rollback will undo every revision by the most recent editor (e.g. if Joey edits an article, and the same spambot edits it six times afterward, rollback will remove all six spambot edits in one go.)

Things TO AVOID:

  1. DO NOT re-edit a page instead of using undo or rollback! Doing this retains the flawed copy of the page in server memory, consuming storage space.