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Contributors to the MFGG Wiki aren't required to adhere to as strict a writing standard as they would on Wikipedia, but there are still some guidelines worth adhering to for the benefit of those reading and editing the Wiki.


  • Language: All pages should be written in standard English. There's little use in translating pages on the MFGG Wiki into other languages, and external links should generally be English-focused.
  • Grammar: Articles should adhere to the basic standards and conventions of English spelling and grammar.
  • Capitalization: Again, use standard rules of capitalization. DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS, and capitalize the first letters of words beginning sentences and of proper nouns.
  • Voice: Avoid using first-person nouns, and use the present tense when possible.

Slang and Jargon

  • Slang: Keep use of slang to a minimum, especially words that are of recent origin or aren't widely known, to avoid causing unnecessary confusion to those not majoring in Internet Slang and Memes.
  • Jargon: Some articles on the Wiki will, by necessity, use highly technical language. It's reasonable to assume that those reading a tutorial aimed at advanced users will know what a variable or a function is, but for basic tutorials, be sure that potentially unfamiliar terms are explained.

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