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Images can be awkward on a Wiki. As with articles, the wiki stores each revision of the image, and as images are usually much bigger than articles in terms of filesize, lots of space can be wasted quite quickly.


Preferred image formats are PNG and GIF. For large, detailed images such as photographs or scannings, JPEGs are preferred. We would prefer that images are as optimised as possible, though it need not be that your images must be distorted in order to keep the file size down. One day, SVGs will be compatible with MFGGWiki, though as we are using an outdated version, they currently do not work as they should.

Though it is not a necessity, it would be wise to upload images rather than link them from off-site. If they are hosted on MFGGWiki make sure they are placed in articles as double square bracket links ([[Image:Filename.png]]) as opposed to single square brackets (([]). It just makes things look better.

Please attempt to categorise your images. Put all MFGGer-related images in the MFGGer Images category, and all fangame screenshots in the Fangame Screenshots category. That just makes it easier on us. Do not upload something that already exists, though feel free to update an image if it is out of date.


If an image is to be used on a regular article, make sure that it does not exceed 320 pixels in width. You can define its dimensions by putting


MediaWiki will automatically stretch the image downwards (or upwards). We will make exceptions if the image becomes too distorted at that size.

To add text simply put in

[[Image:Filename.png|thumb|320px|text here]]

though it would not be wise to put text in if the image is very small.

The maximum width size is likely to be smaller if the template requires it to be. Do not use the "thumb" attribute if the image is to be used in a template.

For multiple screenshots use the <gallery> tag e.g.

Image:1.png|Image 1
Image:2.png|Image 2
Image:3.png|Image 3
Image:4.png|Image 4

will produce

Please refrain from uploading images containing several screenshots - upload each individually instead.

Also try and crop any screenshots so that they don't include windows buttons/titles etc.

Obsolete Images

If an image is deemed obsolete it may be deleted randomly. Please contact a sysop or beureaucrat if you believe your image should not have been deleted.

To help prevent deletion please use the "Dontdelete" template

{{Dontdelete|name=Black Squirrel|reason=because he said so}}

will produce

 Standardwikimessagebox.png Black Squirrel does not want this image deleted for the following reason:
because he said so

More info may be on this article's talk page.

add this to your image in the same way you would add it to a normal article.

HOWEVER, if you DO believe the image should be deleted add the "Delete" template instead

{{Delete|reason=because someone said so}}

will produce

 Black!box.gif Deletion of this page has been requested for the following reason:

because some said so

Do not remove this message box without good reason.
If you contest this article's deletion, discuss it on the talk page.

If there is a dispute it would be better off being discussed on the images' talk page.

Old revisions of images will be deleted on sight. It would be great if moderators were informed of outdated revisions, or obsolete images in general.

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