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Creating an Article. That'll probably be the one of the first things you want to do. But how do you achieve this?!


To create an article on a MediaWiki installation, first attempt to access the page that you wish to create. Yes, you read this right. For instance, type its desired name into the search box on the left of the window, or click on a red link that points to the desired page name.

If nobody else has written such an article, then it won't exist, of course; the server will ask if you wish to create it. Click the text "create this page" to begin editing the new article.

There is a list of pages with red links but no articles - to access this and other useful material, click "Special pages" on the far bottom of the left-hand menu.


Now that the page has been created, it must contain passably useful content, or it will be deleted and your efforts will be all for naught!

What to put in this fantastic new article of yours...?!

Well! A good idea would be to put something relevant to the article's name in it. Good spelling and grammar is advised as well. Try to cite facts and not empty opinions; keep writing neutral and in third-person at all times; and beyond all else do not leave the article blank, because a blank article seems silly and is frowned upon.


Formatting is the preferred aesthetic manner of arranging article content, for legibility, aesthetics, and ease of reading.

MFGGWiki is still fairly young and has not developed a full style guide as of yet, but do try not to ramble.


After you've typed out your article, click "Show Preview" to be sure it displays properly. This is important to catch all of your typos and stuff right away rather than after saving another copy of the page. Remember: if you don't use the "Show Preview" button often, the page will show your artice the way it is, and that isn't good if you have lots of things wrong on your article (although you can edit it afterwards).

If no errors are found, click "save page". Please only save once you have made a substantial edit; mark corrected typos and other such as "minor edits" before saving and try not to make many minor edits all in a row.

Watch your monster grow

The article will now be public, and anybody can go look at it. Somebody else will likely edit it to hold more information later, or to complain about something. Watch how they edit, and listen to their complaints; this communication is vital for any large group project.

Unless the page gets locked due to vandalism, edit wars, controversy, etc., the "Edit" tab will always display on the top of the article's page, allowing you to further edit it when you like.