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Article removal is a last resort to remove pages that are detrimental to the performance, image, and informative nature of MFGGWiki. This is to be done sparingly.

Any of the following reasons are grounds for article deletion:

  • The page is irrelevant or spam
  • The page covers content that is already covered elsewhere, and is not cohesive enough to merge
  • The article's worth is severely deprecated - for example, articles that are empty and are unlikely to be updated

Images and other files are relatively large and will be deleted if unused for extended periods of time.

Vandalized and damaged articles are usually reverted to earlier revisions instead of deleted. In severe cases, they will also be protected, preventing regular accounts from editing the page.

Removal Requests

Requests for an article's removal will be considered only if the page violates one of the above points. Otherwise it may be cleaned or left as is. Specific sections may be removed, but if a sysop or bureaucrat believes the article's original content is still useful, changes may be reverted.

Attempting to "remove" the article yourself by blanking out the article is prohibited and may result in Wiki bans.

If you have been an active MFGGer or have been remembered for some reason, there is always a chance of information about yourself being added to this wiki. If you have won competitions or gained awards, your article may be added simply for record-keeping purposes. Links to previous versions of the MFGG forums may no longer exist, and in some cases, the MFGG Wiki is the only permanent link to useful information. Likewise, if your article has many pages linking to it, your page is unlikely to be deleted also.

If we don't see a need to delete an article we most likely won't. Censorship of potentially useful information is bad. Removing personal details, such as a member's full name or contact information, is understandable, though it does raise questions as to why it was added in the first place.

Deleting articles on the basis of not wanting to be associated with MFGG makes MediaWiki cry. And when MediaWiki cries MFGG cries. And when MFGG cries we cry and/or ignore it so that it doesn't become dependent on our attention. Think of poor MediaWiki before you choose to take away one of its many children. How would you like it if your son or daughter was killed because your partner didn't want to be associated with him/her?