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You'll notice that at the top of each page there are a few tabs. They vary depending on what sort of page you're on, and they all do different things. You may not have noticed them... somehow, so here is a rundown of what each does.


This is the page everybody sees straight away. All the text/images/whatever are visible and it's basically... the article's page. It'll be the newest revision of the page too.

"Article" may be replaced with a different word if there is a prefix in front of the name. An example; this is a help page with a "Help:" prefix, so it is called "help" instead. It behaves the same however.


Every page is accompanied by a "talk" page. It allows you to discuss the contents of the page so that you're not changing things others want to remain the same, etc. Wikipedia loves these pages. MFGGWiki doesn't really have that many because we're not quite as big or as intense. Because there aren't many talk pages, most "discussion" tabs will be written in red, symbolizing they don't exist. However if you need to discuss a page for whatever reason, feel free to create this talk page.


The + tab will appear only on talk pages. Basically it just lets you quickly add a comment rather than having to edit the entire page.


If an article hasn't been locked you'll be able to edit it. This is exactly like making a new page except the newest revision of the page will already be in the form, saving heaps of time. Pretty obvious really I guess. One thing to note - if you're viewing a talk page and you click this link, it'll edit the talk page, not the actual article!

If an article has been locked for whatever reason, this tab won't exist.


This just provides a history of all the revisions an article has had. You can view them all and see what's different about each revision. It's great for reverting vandalism.


Because MediaWiki is too good to call it "rename" or something similar, it's called "move". Basically it allows you to change the name of the article, turning the old name into a redirect to the new one. As the article's name can't be edited through the "edit" tab, this is the only way to do it. Since moving pages can create pesky "double redirects," don't use this option unless there's a good reason to.


Watching pages is one of MediaWiki's more pointless options that probably won't be of any use to anyone here. Basically if you're watching the page, it'll send you a message every time it's edited. It could possibly be a useful thing to bureaucrats and sysops, but not much for normal users.

"Protect", "Delete" etc.

These are sysop/bureaucrat options only. Normal people can't see them, and there's not much point in going into detail because they're self-explanatory and we expect the higher-ups will know how the Wiki works.