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This page covers the basic codes used for all Wiki software, including MFGG Wiki. It's very similar to BBCode used on the main site and forums.

Bold Text


This makes Mars appear in bold. In an article, the first mention of its name should be in bold.


At the bottom of any given document should be links in the following format:

[[Category: Name]]

This will cause a special link to appear where it is placed, leading to a category.

If the document's name begins with the word "The", as in "The Exploding Mushroom" it is preferable to do this:

[[Category: MFGGer|Exploding Mushroom]]

To add an article to more than one category, simply add more Category tags:



To link to a category without placing the article in said category, append a colon to the beginning:


Note that some templates will automatically add the page to a category. For example, the {{MFGGer}} and {{Game}} templates will automatically add the page to the MFGGer and Fangame categories respectively. Also some badge templates will also link the user with a category, such as the Administrator badge template which will put the page in the MFGG Administration category. It won't make a difference if you have the code twice.

Disabling Code


This prevents '''[[SonicProject]]''' from parsing as SonicProject, or any other code in the nowiki tag.


Links can be simply made by putting the name of an article between a set of double square square brackets:


You can make a link disguise itself with a different name or words:

[[VinnyVideo|The Best Admin Ever]]

Links don't just link to articles in the wiki. They can also link to pretty much any URL on the internet. External links are set like regular links, except that they have only one square bracket in each side.

[http://ExternalLink Linky] - Needs full URL, values separated with a space.

When using external links in an article, try to put them at the bottom under an "External Links" header. It's also nicer if you bullet point them.

Please keep in mind that links are case-sensitive (although it doesn't matter if the first word in a link is in a lowercase or a uppercase). If you try to make a link to the same article it is placed in, it will instead become bold text.

The first mention of an article should be linked, although in longer pages, multiple links to the same subject can be made, as long as they are spread throughout different sections of an article. Regardless of the length of a page, duplicate links are always welcome in lists, tables, image captions, and navigation templates.


Images are placed similar to URLs: [[Image:ImageName.ext]]

Optionally, you can move the image to the right: [[Image:ImageName.ext|right]]

And thumbnail it: [[Image:ImageName.ext|thumb|right]]

And give it a description (thumbnail only): [[Image:ImageName.ext|thumb|right|Description]]

You can also adjust the size of the thumbnail just in case it's unreadable: [[Image:ImageName.ext|thumb|300px|right|Description]]

Obviously for the last one, don't make the "300px" too big or too small.

You can link to external images simply by pasting the URL, however it is advised just to upload the image so you can link to it internally.


''Super Mario Flashback''

The above causes Super Mario Flashback appear as italicized. You can italicize titles of media, like games.


There are three forms of lists:

  • Bulleted lists, created with the * character as the first character on the line, without even a space before it;
  • Numbered lists, created with a # as the first character, again, without even a space before it; and
  • Indented, non-marked lists, created with a : as the first character. As usual, no space before it.

Numbered lists will reset their numbering if you double-space your lines, e.g.

#1, and
#2, and
#1 again, due to the line break
Placing a space
On the start of the line
Will indent the text
And add it to a box.
It also disables automatic line breaks, so
Avoid this whenever possible
Or all of your text will run off the page and you won't be able to read the line because it's far too long and it might only happen in Firefox but it's still irritating and I don't even know what the f


To create a redirect to another article, create an article containg only this:

#REDIRECT [[Some Article]]

The article name is case-sensitive. This is particularly helpful in User: <name> articles, accessed by clicking a username such as on Last Made Changes page.


  • When responding on a talk page, it is recommended to sign your name with two dashes and four tildes (--~~~~). Your name and the date your comment was written will be printed automatically for you. Alternately, you may click the signature button.


Templates are called by placing their name in between curled brackets:


Fields are allocated to the template by placing them after |'s:

| name = Their username 
| othernames = Any other names they've used, separate with commas 
| type = Their member group: Admin, Moderator, Member, Banned 
| realname = Their actual name 
| interests = Their interests, separate with commas 
| badges = (see below)
}}Place beginning of article here with no line break