Draw Kirby With Your Off Hand

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Draw Kirby With Your Off Hand was an event on the forums that Fujiko started on August 4th, 2014.


In this event, participants would either draw Kirby with their off hand, or use their mouth if they are ambidextrous. Both traditional and digital art are allowed. Here is the original post:

"The almighty Fujiko has descended from the realm of the staff board to offer you mortals a CHALLENGE!

The rules are simple: draw Kirby with your non-dominant hand. If you are ambidextrous, please draw Kirby whilst holding the pencil in your mouth.

If you colour it afterwards with your good hand it looks funny and it will win extra points.

This is my entry:



The event is considered finished, and the topic has been moved to The Vault.


There were 9 (11 if you include two bonus entries) entries on the first day of the event, 5 on the second and third, 3 on the fifth, 2 on the sixth, 1 on the eighth, 1 on the ninth, and 1 on the thirteenth day.

List of the participants in order:


"Looks like a molar tooth without the roots." - Cap'n Coconuts, in response to Gameboy's drawing

"So, you want me to do a drawing with my off hand. A drawing of Kirby. In other words, you want something that "sucks." Clever." - Thunder Dragon

"About the idea of voting: not everything has to be a competition! This, for one, is not a competition. The winner is instantly me for being the recipient of all this amazing artwork." - Fujiko