MFGG Mafia

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MFGG Mafia is an MFGG forum game created by Fujiko and later hosted by Kirby's Adventure. It is based off the popular party game, Mafia, in which a group of townspeople try to determine who's the mafia and kill them. Likewise, the mafia is trying to outnumber the amount of townspeople to win the game. The serial killer is the most difficult role to win as, since they have to be the last player alive.


The story begins in 1927, in MFGG Town which is located on an unnamed island in North America. Since prohibiton is mentioned, it can be assumed the island is part of the United States. After Friendly Dictator is killed, Dustinvgmaster, Blutorus, and Kirby's Adventure escape the island. Not soon after, MFGG Town is reestablished in an undisclosed location. Kirby's Adventure is the first to die, and Blutorus follows. Blutorus chose to persist as a ghost. That left Dustin alone as the mayor, who lost sight of his goals. The MFGG Tower, located in front of the square, is the hub for the town's elite. A new mafia forms, exactly 50 years later, as conspirators against them. In addition to that, there's a serial killer on the loose...


These are the roles included in every game of MFGG Mafia. Pro-town roles include:

  • Townsperson
  • Cop: An investigative role, can discover a player's alignment each night.
  • Doctor: A townsperson. Can protect a player from death every night, including themselves. They may not protect the same person two nights in a row.
  • Mayor: A known role.
  • Priest: An investigative role. Can learn the contents of a random player's PMs every night.

Anti-town and self-aligned roles include:

  • Mafia Goon
  • Role Blocker: Can visit a player and prevent them from completing their night actions.
  • Aliases include Barman and Femme Fatale. The Barman became Pro-Town during Mafia 2 due to a mistake made by Kirby's Adventure.
  • Serial Killer: A self-aligned third party with no allies. Has investigative immunity. Note: this role was absent from Round 1.

Round 1

The first round began on June 1, 2015. The main topic is 22 pages long. The town won, with Kirby's Adventure, Dustinvgmaster, and Blutorus being the only remaining players.

Since this was the first Mafia event, the amount of participants was limited to 14 in case the turnout was below the maximum. The list of participants included:

Round 2

The second round began on December 1st, 2016 after being delayed numerous times, and concluded on December 16th. The main topic is about 13 pages long. Kirby's Adventure decided it would not be optimal to host the event in August, near the end of summer. The town won, with VinnyVideo, Q-Nova, Benstar, Mors, and kirbymariomega being the remaining players.

The maximum amount of participants was increased to 23, though it was intended to be 24. This is nearly double that of Round 1. The list of participants included: