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Real name: William Gooch
Interests: Fangaming, composing, voxel modelling
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Willsaber is a fairly new member to the MFGG community who has not accomplished very much as of yet. He joined the Mainsite on May 16, 2014, and joined the Message Boards on June 3, 2014. He considers himself a novice artist, but a decent coder and musician. He is currently helping to develop a collaborative fangame known as, "Super Mario Crusades". He makes fairly large additions to the MFGG Wiki every now and then, and is well known for often using the emoticon, ":/".


When Willsaber created an account on MFGG's mainsite, he was determined to be a contributing member of the community. Because of this, he began to develop a fangame almost immediately (it was a remake of a fangame known as, "Redemption", by Roo).

Once Willsaber joined the Message Boards, he began searching for team projects to collaborate on, as he knew that ambitious projects were extremely difficult to complete on one's own. Just over a week after joining, he found a project titled, "The Mario Crusades" (later known as "Super Mario Crusades"), lead by Theonesuperx. When he found that nobody was willing to assist the project, he thought it was the perfect opportunity for him to participate in a collaborative project. He then started discussing the project with Theonesuperx, and found that it was a concept he liked. He asked to join the team, and was accepted almost immediately.

For quite awhile, things had gone smoothly. The game grew in team size, and Willsaber ended up being the lead coder. But on July 10th, 2014, Theonesuperx left the team to work on a new project. This left the team in temporary chaos, due to confusion, but Willsaber pulled everyone back together rather quickly, and continued to work on the game.

On October 7, 2014, Willsaber entered King Boo's Halloween Spooktacular. He ended up competing in four of the five categories (more than any other member had entered) and won the music category by default, earning his first competition badges. He later submitted Hunter of The Dead (which was his minigame entry for King Boo's Halloween Spooktacular) to MFGG's mainsite which, after five weeks of being in the Quality Control queue, was accepted. On November 11, 2014, Willsaber entered the Sprite Competition #4 - 2014. He got fourth place, but badges were never handed out.

During December, 2014, he was asked by Theonesuperx to assist with a remake of Brutal Mario. Willsaber accepted the invitation, but between devoting time to work on Super Mario Crusades and version-control issues, Willsaber was not able to help beyond submitting level designs and occasionally creating flawed enemies. Also in December, Willsaber entered the Secret Santa 2014, where he created a short fangame for McKnackus I, based off of Super Mario Bros..

On February 5th, 2015, Willsaber submitted an entry to the Minigame Competition #1, 2015. His entry was a Mario fangame titled, "Gato Rosa". His entry took second place. During late June, he decided that he wanted to enter NCFC 2015. Knowing that Super Mario Crusades would not be ready for a demo, he began to focus on a new project, the first ever Super Mario Maker fangame. After a few days, on July 4th, he publicly unveiled the project, and named it, "Super Fangame Maker".


On August 5th, 2015, Willsaber created a reference character. His character was a Lucario wielding a saber, based off of Project M's GI Lucario costume.