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Mr. Saltman

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I like salt.
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Aliases: Doodleman, various.
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Mr. Saltman or Saltman for short, is a member, who joined the main site on February 8, 2016, and the forums on February 22 of the same year. He's a fairly active member who often creates topics in the General Chat (mostly polls), usually shows his sprites in the Arts Board, and frequently makes contributions to the MFGG Wiki.


When he first joined the main site, he submitted a few sprite sheets. However, these were then declined by the site staff, due to their low quality. Once they were declined, Doodleman asked them what he could do to improve them, and the staff explained why his sheets were declined and recommended that he use the forums for some tips from more professional spriters.

In order to receive those required tips, Doodleman joined the forums and managed to get feedback, yet, none of these sheets have been edited again, so they're most likely abandoned.

Saltman was nominated for Best Newcomer during MFGG Awards 2016.


Saltman is somewhat known for his undecisive behavior. This has been shown via countless edits in his posts and often mind changes, though it has mostly been known for his habit to change his name really constantly, which ends up with some users misremembering his name.

Participation in events

Saltman created an entry for the Sprite Competition #2 - 2016 on July 2, 2016. It made it to the top five, but it didn't win however, since it didn't receive any votes during in the final voting phase. He also made an entry for the Sprite Competition #6 - 2016, which managed to end up in the top five, with one vote received. Saltman participated at the Secret Santa event of 2016, and made pixel art for Psid.