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The Wiki Sysop Badge, worn by Sysops of the MFGG Wiki

The MFGG Wiki Sysops (wiki system operators) are the administrators of the MFGG Wiki. They have their own group on the forums, as do all other staff sections. They are able to do stuff that regular wiki contributors cannot do, such as deleting articles, protecting articles, and make edits to protected articles, for example. The current Wiki Sysops are VinnyVideo, Yoshin, Retriever II, Techokami, Guinea, and Hypernova. VinnyVideo and Yoshin are the active Sysops. Guinea was a technical Sysop and helped with glitches and other technical things, similar to the Tech Admin role on the old forums. Past Wiki Sysops include ShadowMan, Black Squirrel, Joey, Kyori, Puddin, Alex, Vitiman, and Nite Shadow. Elyk was briefly a Wiki Sysop as well.

Every Wiki Sysop MFGG has ever had, except for Kyori, Vitiman, Yoshin, and Hypernova, has had the role of "Bureaucrat," which has all the powers of standard Wiki administrators as well as the ability to promote new Sysops.

For more information on the roles of Sysops in a MediaWiki wiki, see the MediaWiki Administrators article.

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