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Nite Shadow

Nite Shadow's Reference and Main Site Staff Avatar, drawn by Stixdude.
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Aliases: diamondsofmayhem
Interests: Video games/ Helping others
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Nite Shadow is one of the many Oldbies of MFGG that registered during the EZBoard days of MFGG. Over the years he has created many libs and TGF/MMF applications (mainly How-to's) for MFGG and other sites such as SFGHQ. Nite Shadow left MFGG shortly after the first phpBB boards opened, but he returned in the spring 2011 and then became one of the more active posters of the new MFGG forums.

On October 4, 2013, Nite Shadow was promoted to Wiki Sysop. He was also granted Global Moderator status to assist with emergency situations on the forums, as such, standard forum moderator duties from Nite are relatively rare. On March 19th, 2016, Nite Shadow was promoted to an Administrator status. Nite has demonstrated his talents in a wide variety of areas, including programming, music composition, and painting. Nite Shadow resigned from the staff groups and is now just a regular member on January 11th, 2017. He's quite inactive nowadays.


Nite was formerly known for his bad grammar, so much so that he appeared in Super Mario Storm in a level where you had to correct his grammar mistakes. His grammar has improved in recent years. Nite Shadow also generously helps MFGGers if they send him a private message, IM, or email.



Nite's attempts at doing artwork date back to 2009, however it wasn't until 2014 that his skills began to develop. He credits finding out that he requires glasses rather late in life, among other things, to finally being able to achieve this goal. His Deviant-Art gallery is located at [1] And his MFGG thread is at [2] Nite has worked with various media for art, including oil paints, and digital media. His recent works being done without any reference, plan, or even an outline has prompted the slogan: "Art is bringing dreams to reality, to share with the waking world." which now exists within his signature at various locations online.


Nite is known for creating many hoaxes, mainly Sonic based. Since went under, Nite has lost almost his entire collection of hoaxes. What remains can be found on his DA page:


A process involving taking the individual colors of 16 bit graphics and applying a texture. Applied to many of Nite's Hoaxes.

And a few SFGHQ libs.

Screen hoaxes

Basically, a photo of a hoax being displayed on a screen, generally a TV screen:

Self insert Hoax

Placing your own fan character within a hoax


A.I. engine

Wile looking at the Platform movement object for MMF1 Nite had the idea to set randomized counters and collision boxes. The end result ended up being an effective A.I.

MFGG download page

Lightning storm effect

This effect went through some tweaking, Setting randomized counters for the Strike delay The first attempt was not able to scroll with the level.

MFGG download page

A short time later another was set up, Utilizing more objects but still keeping the randomized strike delay. The end result was a lightning storm that could be used in an actual level.

MFGG download page

Mode 7 Camera Centering

When making this tutorial Nite fully expected MMF to crash, Setting "zoom in" and "zoom out" in the same Event. However, the end result was The camera had focused further into the mode 7 frame.

MFGG download page.

True Timed clock events

After figuring out how to retrieve clock data Nite set up a tutorial showing one of the many uses

MFGG download page


Mario assault: Wrath of the goombas

A Minigame comp #4 (mouse control) entry by DJ Yoshiman and Nite Shadow. Mario is flying into an endless swarm of Goombas during a lightning storm. This game also plays a custom music track by DJ Yoshiman. The game's title was given to it on the spot, in the last few minutes of the Minigame comp. This game ends with a kill screen, where the game becomes so hard it's nearly impossible to play.

Skys of Darkworld

An entry for Minigame comp #8 (The sky) Made in MMF2 this game featured the use of the mode 7 object as a background effect. Similar to Wrath of the Goombas, you must shoot fireballs at anything that moves. This game also includes a screen saver, were nite converted the playable engine into a simple AI, Resulting in something that looks like a TAS.

This game ends with a kill screen, where the game becomes so hard it's nearly impossible to play.

Luigi's Desert Dash

Winner of MGC #9 (Heat)

Luigi must get through a scorching desert without dying of thirst, or taking too much damage. This game featured a hydration meter, and health counter, Luigi is constantly losing water throughout this mini game, except when he finds an oasis in which he can recharge. The game starts off with an insanely high score, and at the end, deductions from this are made, based on several factors that are encountered through the game.

as an added touch, Luigi will begin to sweat after a short time, and begin panting, When he is near death, he will stop sweating, and will eventually just collapse moaning "Noooo!"

Coin Storm!

An entry for Minigame comp #23 (Coins) Nite decided to try something a little different with this, and did a Minigame in the style of a "Game and Watch Gallery" game. Of the 7 days allowed for the Minigame comp, this only took Nite less than a day to make. The game is simple, you move left and right trying to catch the falling coins, Miss 3 and its game over,

This is also one of the few games to display a demo screen

This game ends with a kill screen, where the game becomes so hard it's nearly impossible to play.

The Twisted Dream

Main article: The Twisted Dream

Nite's first major fangame project, The game stars Luigi in a nightmarish version of Subcon. This game was being made in Construct Classic.

This project was scrapped for it's violent nature, and because it stopped feeling like a Mario game.

Fan character (Ref)

Nite's fan character started as a simple tails Re-color During the EZBoard days of MFGG Thunder Dragon made an Avatar request thread, Nite requested "A blue Tails with claws"


Nite later made a life icon That had the blue tails with glowing red eyes.

Later Thunder Dragon made a sprite sheet of Nite, which had all of tail's basic animations, a bit taller, and even had the claws and red eyes.

After Nite was promoted to sysop in October of 2013, Gato made Nite a new Avatar.

Tech Support group

After seeing a run of people on the MFGG forums having a multitude of computer problems, resulting in people replacing their computers, as well as formatting Nite decided to start a small Volunteer Technical Support Team, encouraging people to ask.

They now have a thread pinned in the General Chat.

Crowbar Toss

Main article: Crowbar Toss

During MGC #6 the Announcement box began malfunctioning (as usual) Nite posted a reply "sigh... *Grabs a crowbar*" After seeing the reaction this quote got, Nite made a cheesy little game in MMF2 where you throw crowbars at the info box. Smashing holes in it.

This erupted into a fad, that is still seen today.

Technical work

Nite has displayed his skill in electronics repair, and modifications. He has fixed several units, including computers, tablets, and game consoles.


  • Nite currently uses "MyPaint" for his paintings.
  • Nite used a version of PhotoImpact, that was released in 1996, until it stopped working in 2014, for many of his early works, and hoaxes.
  • Nite currently uses Construct Classic for game development.
  • Nite owns Flash Cartridges for many of his game consoles.
  • Nite's real name is Eric McDonald, which he currently uses on his DeviantArt Gallery.
  • Nite has been diagnosed with Deuteranopia. a form of Colorblindness.
  • Nite also requires glasses for Nearsightedness.