Luigi's Game (Mecha the Slag)

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Luigi's Game
Developer(s) Mecha the Slag
Announce Date 2009
Release Date 2009
Genre Adventure
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium MechaWare
Platform Windows
Status Complete
Not to be confused with Luigi's Game (ShadowMan).

Luigi's Game is an experimental atmospheric game made by Mecha the Slag for a minigame competition, and created using MechaWare.


The gameplay of Luigi's Game is standard platforming fare. The player must go from one end of the level to another. Goombas are the only enemy type (save the end boss), and coins can be collected from blocks, although they are not counted. Luigi will die if hit once, but lives are infinite.

Graphics use

One of the restrictions of the minigame competiton was that only graphics from the MFGG "Hall of Shame" topic could be used to create a minigame. This explains the various graphical styles present in the game. The game is enhanced through special effects created by MechaWare software: effects such as transparencies and blowing grass.


Before the game was removed from the main site, it currently holds a 6.9 average rating out of 10 in there.

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