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RiW Screen.png
Developer(s) Mecha the Slag
Announce Date  ?
Release Date  ?
Genre Platformer, beat 'em up, action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Complete

RUINED in WARIO is a platformer/beat 'em up hybrid developed by Mecha the Slag. The game has been removed from the main site along with Mecha's other games for unknown reason.


The game begins with Wario taking a leisurely stroll through his castle when he discovers a thief (the mouse from Wario Land 4's Aerodent fight) trying to steal his treasure. He attempts to stop the thief, only to be catapulted out of his castle. Wario then has to fight his way back and kick out the intruder.


The game is a platformer with beat 'em up elements. Wario may defeat enemies by either hitting them, dashing into them or jumping on them. The game is very short, but provides hefty replay value through the achievement system. Completing a certain number of achievements will unlock gameplay modifiers, such as giving Wario's dash a flame attribute.

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