Left 4 Tick

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Left 4 Tick
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Developer(s) MechaBowser
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date December 23, 2008
Genre Platform Shooter
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium MechaSource
Platform Windows
Status Completed
Left 4 Tick is a parody on Valve's featured game Left 4 Dead. It features similar gameplay, but is in 2D and the main character is the MFGG member Tick-Tick. It was made as a Secret Santa gift. The game was developed by MechaBowser using an outdated version of MechaSource.
Chapter 3 of Left 4 Tick with Tick-Tick in the middle holding the standard pistol.

The game used NO Body's battle sprites and featured sound effects and music from the original Left 4 Dead.

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