No More Plumbers

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No More Plumbers
Developer(s) Mecha the Slag
Announce Date August 4 2009
Release Date August 16 2009
Genre Fighter, Action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Released Episode 2

No More Plumbers is an episodic adventure of Mario as he runs through Peach's Castle, fixing leakage, developed by Mecha the Slag.



You, the player, are Mario. Average loser, video game fanatic and lady scarecrow. You post on message boards about games you've never played and how amazing your love life is, when suddenly, a new game comes out. Just one of those games that everyone gets. In order to keep your cool, you need it. But ack, you have no money, for you are a loser. In despair you get drunk in the average loser-way and at the bar, you meet this smokin' hot chick who offers you a job. Simple; fix the water leak in her house and you'll be rich enough to buy your game. This is No More Plumbers.


No More Plumbers was being released on an episodic basis. The first episode was released on August 16, 2009, for Minigame competition #49, which is what it was originally created for. The second episode was released on August 29, 2009.

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