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 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Super Smash Bros. Fight
Developer(s) MechaBowser
Announce Date 2006
Release Date 2006
Genre Fighting
Players >= 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status Released as BETA, canned.

Super Smash Bros. Fight!! is probably MechaBowser's first ever announced game. It has a stable engine, and the game was basically born at MFGG. It was, in fact, the first game ever on MFGG to have the zoom effect. MechaBowser had more than 12 PMs after his first release with the zoom effect, all asking how he did it.



Every bit of data that has to do with Nintendo video games has been stored in one convenient database. In between each game and series 'walls' have been put up to separate the data.

One person, only known as the Master, steals the database and loads it on his own computer. The Master then programs in his own servant, called the Master's Hand (or Master Hand for short). Master Hand then destroys all the barriers between the data and all of it collides, making one giant game mesh.

The Master then contacts Nintendo and tells them that if one of their heroes can defeat his slave he will return the database, intact, and give himself to the police.

And so the fight begins...


SSBF was never meant to be played single-player. The first release was a single stage with 4 players that could fight each other. In later versions, online mode was added to support people who didn't have any friends in the near to play with. It only worked at first with 1 vs 1, but later on allowed 3 and 4 player matches.

Special Effects

Mario doing his "special attack", the "Plumber Rage", while in Hyper Mode.

SSBF has a huge use of special effects. These are, for example the zoom effect. The zoom effect is, in fact, very easily made by increasing pixel sizes when players get nearer to each other. This is though one of the main reasons that SSBF may be unplayable to users with weak computers, but in the newer version you can set these special effects OFF, although this doesn't seem to fix the problem with most computers.

Hyper Mode

Hyper Mode is a part of Super Smash Bros. Fight!! that makes a player incredibly strong and even invincible. Hyper Mode makes players damage meter go endlessly and they go on fire. This mode is accessed by dealing a lot of damage or taking a lot, but picking up items decrease the chance of Hyper Mode. When in Hyper Mode, the player is able to do his or her "special attack" differently from each character. This attack is quite unusual and does partly more damage than any attack in the game. It can do up to 200% damage on a player, and before you know, the player is dead!

Super Smash Bros. Fight Extreme

After so long the original engine for the game became so buggy that MechaBowser decided to remake it and he remade it to look nicer than the original (although some functions from the old version were to be added in, but weren't). So he made the first demo to have a simple level with a picture of him in the background and 4 Marios, one of them being you, fight it out. There was the regular punch and a grab as well as a new feature; Wall Running. You would run against the wall and you would start to go up it. After going so far Mario would automatically jump, leaving a trail of smoke behind.

More demos were planned to be released, as well as new characters and other new functions but MechaBowser moved on to MFGG Ware and the game is cancelled as of now.

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