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Kamin Ukiki

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Aliases: Kamikaze, Kamin Ukiki, Cantanker Monkey, Kami, Kombo breaker
Real name: Not tellin'.
Interests: Drawing, "bigger women", Stanley The Bugman, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Eiken
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Kamikaze joined in July, in 2005. Kamikaze is one of the many MFGGers whom came to MFGG from Pixeltendo, and he's one of the few who come to MFGG yet still visits PT. He's generally a nice guy, and has yet to show any real aggression as far as this reporter's seen. His current forum name is Kami. He also seems to like the (currently) scrapped Mario character, Stanley The Bugman. Though this has caused a few people to make fun of him a bit for it, especially Sasuke with the phrase, "STANLEY IS DEAD!", much to Kamikaze's chagrin. He also has recently developed a liking for Mystery Science Theater. Even more recently he's taken a liking to Eiken and the character Kirika. He's also been hangin' around /v/ and /co/

His Character

His current character is a short monkey in a green ninja suit. He had gone through a few changes before this. First, he was an ukiki with red hair, and a black cloak. After that, he became a shadless version of his current character. Sometime after that, he became a tall floating cyborg ukiki, with a black cloak and red hair, similar to his first version. After that, the PT member Robbydude created his current sheet, and he's stuck with it ever since. Recently, he's become a sort of green orangutan with a visor.

On The Forums

So far, the biggest thing that's he's ever been a part of, was "Hey Kamikaze". A topic started by Kaepora Gaebora went from a small joke to a RP of eucalyptical proportions. Basically, Kaepora posted a Valentine's Day card from Avi to Kamikaze, and then proceeded to try to kidnap Avi, which in turn, caused Avi to violently and brutally mutilate him on multiple occasions, and Naoshi to go after him. After a battle very much like the Arcade version of Donkey Kong, the RP soon trailed off, and was forgotten. Kommandant Dragmire apparently liked the topic, and has tried to revive on several occasions.

Fangaming and Other Projects

Stanley Saga: The Ant Queen A sidescrolling platformer starring Stanley The Bugman.

Thoughts On Members

Kaepora Lover LOL NO IDORT

Robbydude My best friend ever :D

Someguy Second best friend ever :D

Sasuke-San <3

Sarahsuke A nice person. :D

dustindemon He listens a lot. :D