Stanley Saga: The Ant Queen

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Stanley Saga
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Developer(s) Kamikaze T. Ukiki
Announce Date June 29th, 2006
Release Date TBA
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status In Development

Stanley Saga is a fangame featuring the obscure character, Stanley The Bugman in a starring role.


Stanley the Bugman is the cousin of the great and heroic Super Mario! Because of this, he's always been felt left out. However, when the Bug Kingdom attacks the Garden Kingdom, can he finally become a hero and save Princess Flora?

Game Mechanics

The game'll mainly be platforming sequences, but other levels will involve other types of gameplay. For example, a bit involving the Sky Pop from SML2 is planned.

A Few of the Planned Areas

  • Garden Kingdom Castle
  • Buglantis
  • The Underwhere

One More Thing...

I'd like to thank Someguy for making the engine. Without it, I wouldn't want to start this thing up again at all. Like, even for MFGE. -Kamin Ukiki

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