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Pixeltendo (Or commonly known as PT) was a spriting based forum, and accompanied MFGG's affiliate, The Spriter's Resource (Or tSR). Many of MFGG's members migrated from Pixeltendo for various reasons, some of which because of bans, or just because MFGG was more of a suitable home for them. Pixeltendo was a bigger forum than the MFGG message boards, but doesn't have as many posts.

Although MFGG and PT usually got on well, there were several incidents in the past where both forums rivaled each other, sometimes due to attacks or members being banned for one reason or another. Some also believed the admins at PT weren't very good, but this is down to a matter of opinion, rather than fact. Regardless, no serious incidents between the two forums have occurred.

Pixeltendo is famous with MFGGers for having changed their forum layout many times. Although it isn't as regular as it used to be, PT has had many 'versions', all slightly different from the last.

Pixeltendo also created a site called Pixeldot, however this seems to have closed.

Pixeltendo fell recently, and is no longer an online forum. The members have scattered to different forums, some even coming to MFGG. Pixeltendo, being The Spriter's Resource's forum, was abandoned, and tSR adopted a new message board known as "the Spriter's Resource Community." The forum later changed its name to "The VG Resouce".

Pixeltendo was later revived by the member Kosheh under a Jcink board, and then taken over by Tyvon. Tyvon branched this idea out into an indie gaming forum, which later became an indie gaming website and is still currently running, actively making games.

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