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Aliases: Judge Fudge
Real name: Dustin
Interests: Cartoons, video games, the like
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Dustindemon joined on the third of July of the year 2004, and like all members, started out small and unnoticed. Well maybe not ALL MFGGers. Some people can make an impression right away. Anyways, he joined MFGG when he learned than his friends Klobber, Cammiluna, and Sarahsuke were registered here. He registered and posted in his first topic, whose name escapes me at the moment. It was the one where everyone drew funny pictures of Kammy Koopa. He had his fun there, then left. No one really knew him quite yet, so nobody noticed. It wasn't until a few months later than Dustin made his triumphant comeback to MFGG, when he would actually contribute to discussions, post artwork, and have fun with the other members in the Pointless Post Palace.

Skip ahead a few months, when Dustin created his only fad. He was interested in the Star Fox franchise at the time and has been playing the rom of SF64 on his computer for awhile. So, he came up with a brilliant idea to make icons out of the yakking head transmissions. He himself used Peppy. This fad would continue for about a month. Even after, the fad continued in Livejournal.

Today, Dustin still hangs out at MFGG, posting in whatever topic he wants and posting his artwork for others to see. He's become friendly with quite a few people at MFGG. His reign of terror shall never end. And by reign of terror, I mean he doesn't do much. At all.

Starfox Fad

A fad that Dustindemon started by him making some avatars of the Starfox 64 talking icons and offering the Starfox team only at first, everyone made a grab for one and Dustin made more (Practically none of the icons were ever untouched, even the fast talking bear which someone made a better one of). It lasted 2 or 3 weeks before ending its long reign, but not before they were used for things such as reenacting a part of the Family Guy Hic-A-Doo-La scene.