Pocket Mario

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Pocket Mario
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Developer(s) Klobber, Retriever II
Announce Date Unknown, early demo released mid-late 2003
Release Date September 2003 (demo)
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion, Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status In production
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Information shown is therefore liable to frequent change.

Pocket Mario is a Mario fangame most people were waiting for in the early days of static engines. Run by Klobber and Retriever II, everything about it appeared to be top-notch. The first demo was too process-intensive for most computers, particularly the raining goombas, and others had hyped it too much to appreciate the result.

Pocket Mario is currently still in development, with a re-worked demo slated but not released. Retriever II has released an open-source of the previous engine's core movement, limited to walking, running, jumping, and sliding. Later, the source of an early game build was also released, though it only contained the first level.

The game was stolen once by King Piranha Plant, causing the creators much distress.

Due to RII's increasing usage of Lua in MMF2 projects, it is very likely that the final Pocket Mario release will use much of the language.


Pocket Mario is notable for being the first Mario fangame to incorporate functional Chain Chomps, but only one could exist in a given level due to a glitch; this was later fixed to allow more.

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