Pocket Mario

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Pocket Mario
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Developer(s) Klobber, Retriever II
Announce Date Unknown, early demo released mid-late 2003
Release Date September 2003 (demo)
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion, Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status Canceled
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Pocket Mario is a Mario fangame most people were waiting for in the early days of static engines. Run by Klobber and Retriever II, everything about it appeared to be top-notch. After undergoing multiple changes in style and gameplay, a single demo was released on the forums. The game was process-intensive and didn't run well on many computers. It also had a tendency to mess with computer audio settings due to the volume-fade technique used.

The most well-known glitch in the game was a random goomba that could fall out of the sky, known as "raining goombas".

Pocket Mario informally ceased production shortly after the first demo was released, when Retriever II undertook writing a custom level editor for the game. The level editor became Tile Lattice which itself was demoed in the 2008 NCFC. The editor was never completed and never used in the production of Pocket Mario.

Retriever II released an open-source of the previous engine's core movement, limited to walking, running, jumping, and sliding. Later, the source of an early game build was also released, though it only contained the first level.

The game was stolen once by King Piranha Plant.

The Pocket Mario demo was included in the MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule, which is the only permanent place to find and play the game.


Pocket Mario featured a top-down 2.5D recreation of Peach's Castle from Paper Mario, both graphically and by layout. This acted as a hub world leading to rooms with paintings and six star collection challenges, like Super Mario 64. Each level, of which only one was completed, was a Super Mario Bros 3. style platformer.

Pocket Mario is notable for being the first Mario fangame to incorporate functional Chain Chomps, but only one could exist in a given level due to a glitch; this was later fixed to allow more.