King Piranha Plant

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King Piranha Plant

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Aliases: King Pirana Plant, King Pirhana Plant, King Piranha Plant, King Lava Pirana, Morfius, hecter, KPP, King Dark Ice, Kelt, Bloo, KPP101, Lava Piranha Plant, Kpp10, mario185, Kpp185, Kpp288, imsorry, 444
Interests: Unknown
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King Piranha Plant was once a very stubborn individual who would repeatedly join the board and used a great deal of proxies to do so. He was so notorious that he had to get shut down via proxy, courtesy of Shadowman.

He aided in the invention of Waligie and stole Pocket Mario, much to Klobber and Retriever II's distress. He eventually returned as a standard member and issued a formal apology.

KPP, using the username 'Kelt', was awarded as "Most Changed Member" during the MFGG Awards of2005. He lived up to his award, but also had a strange obsession with Willy Wonka, and developed a series of relatively mediocre, rushed fangames that never became finished, including Dodge The Shyguys 2, a rare instance of a fangame of a fangame. Years later he became mostly inactive, visiting the forums only on occasion.

Notable Things

KPP created several fangames such as "Luigi's Adventure" and "Mario Legend." They were considered so bad that parodies were created and placed in Waligie.

After KPP was banned for making threats to Rexator Birdo in private messages, he created a large number of duplicate accounts, the names usually deriving from misspellings and patterns of "King Piranha Plant." His permaban was a result of stealing sprites.

KPP has since then returned a changed member under the username Kelt before going back to the King Piranha Plant name. He recently rejoined the forums months after the phpBB board first opened. His posts tend to be nostalgic in tone.

In 2013, KPP visited MFGG for a brief period of time, posting multiple samples of electronic music. His music tended to produce a dark ambient sound, bordering on the creepy or surreal. He was working on a Mario fangame, but this project may be on hiatus.

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