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Aliases: Ludwig22, Ludwig, Siggy, Char
Interests: Drawing, spriting, reading
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Sigma is a member from August 2009 when he joined with the username "Ludwig22." It took a while for him to get noticed due to him not creating a "HI AM NOO!!!" topic. Eventually, however, he became recognized due to his large number of posts in the CCC. He isn't active any more, though.

Role in Zoshi

Sigma has been remembered for creating the fad "gain some weight" in which the first poster of an adventure story in the Forum Games forum would write "gain some weight" primarily to annoy the original poster. This started when Cy the Python created "Zoshi", a topic in Forum Games. He did this as his own topic, "This is John", was becoming increasingly popular so he just wrote a quick sentence for the stick-thin characters in the story.

Friends and Foes

Sigma does not have many foes and is generally respected in the community. However, he is not respected at all by YForceDRUGS, who added him as the only user on his foes list. He has made very good friends with Elecrai or Anubis. The two share interests and talk together a lot. He has recently been conversing a lot with LocoRoo, whom he met in MFGG 3.0.


  • It is often confused as to whether he is British or French. He is in fact British but speaks a lot of French.
  • He makes signatures for people in a topic in the Arts Board which he calls "Sig shop".
  • His main spriting and signature-making program is Macromedia Fireworks 8.
  • He was nominated for 'Best Newbie' in the 2009 MFGG Awards.
  • When new members would make an introduction topic, Sigma would usually post "im char."