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Aliases: Cactrot, Elecrai Krakenstein, TentacleMan
Real name: Tyler
Interests: Relaxing, playing video games, and writing.
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Elecrai originally joined MFGG on February 25, 2008 under the name Cactrot. His first posts were pretty much the same as a lot of newbies, containing bad grammar and several smilies. He was banned for a long time due to the fact that he was underage at the time of joining. Upon returning, he didn't post much except for a few posts in the GC, due to the fact that MFGG had changed to a different CCC access system. After making a short-lived fad called "The gods of MFGG," he changed his name to Anubis.

Using the Egyptian god as his reference for a while, he then switched to making his reference his Mabinogi character. He then switched to an interestingly-designed character a while later, due to the fact that his previous ones weren't very original. Elecrai made two infamous topics, both of which where he lied about his real-life identity. It is now common for an MFGGer to call him "stoner ghost teacher."

He has left the community.