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Tommy631's current reference (drawn by FuPoo). He plans on sticking with this ref, although he is planning on adding an oversized sword along with it.
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Aliases: Tom, Tommy
Real name: Michael
Interests: Halo 2, drawing
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Tommy631 does not see himself a popular member or a much respected one either. He is most active in Arts Board and the Pointless Post Palace.

He is known for his hand drawn art as he knows several types of anime/manga. He still has trouble with some things, size being one of them.


Although he dosen't have many friends he can name alot of liked people off the top of his head such as MegaTailzChao, FuPoo, Nicholas Ainsworth, Avi, Ichigo, Neopolis, GeneralGuy, Naoshi, Tragedy Anne, Max Rider, Lan and Aaron blade as well as many others.

Games In Progress

the underside mfgg version one that hes acually working on :O

Tough Situations

When MechaBowser was Permabanned he did all he could to get him back (although he was unable to). He still wishes for MechaBowser to return.

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