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Tragedy Anne

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Aliases: T.A., Anne, Deaths in Birmingham, Niko, Pinkybee, Risa Onda, Risa, Poseidon, Mothra, etc.
Interests: Björk, myspace, drawing, etc...
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Tragedy Anne is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on June 20th, 2006. She used to be a Global Moderator.


After Nnnk joined MFGG, he asked his friend to join. She was reluctant, saying that people on boards usually didn't like her. Nnnk told her that MFGG was very welcoming and she joined under the username "Deaths in Birmingham", which is the name of her brother's ex-band (The Deaths), mixed with one of their songs (Birmingham). After a few character redesigns she got to her current character and changed her name to Tragedy Anne, because the other name was silly. She created a new character and changed her username to Pinkybee, but that name was lost in the rollback. Even so, she kept the character around for a bit. She had her name changed to Risa Onda some time later. Risa Onda is one of the main characters from a game called Siren.

Tragedy Anne also invited her real-life friend, ZombieChad, to join MFGG.

On December 5th, 2007, she was made a Forum Janitor for the reopened General Friendliness forum. A little while later, she was upgraded to a Moderator of the Arts Board and the General Friendliness. She was later promoted to a Global Moderator. She was demoted in late 2009 due to inactivity. Risa still visits the MFGG forums, but she doesn't post with great frequency.