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The Wiki Smooth Jazz Experience was an event created and setup by Vitiman in lieu of diminishing MFGG Wiki activity. The forum event started on July 21st, 2013, and was an ongoing event until October 14, 2013.

Event Guidelines

  • Minor edits only count for half a normal edit in this. What's a minor edit? Changing a word or two, fixing a typo, adding proper grammar, etc. etc. Basically, things that are helpful in the long run, but don't really add anything to the article. If you choose to make a minor edit without marking it as such, it won't count. Keep this in mind.
  • We're looking primarily for "wanted articles". Wanted articles are red links left by an editor with the assumption they will be created in the future. Alas, many are left and no one has yet to conquer a lot of them. Although I don't expect much, do keep in mind when creating these articles that you have to provide something meaningful to them; else it's just a waste of time.
  • Changing things is OK, as long as you don't go overboard. What exactly do I mean by "overboard"? Well, things like completely altering the material of an article that was fine before (i.e. it had nothing in particular wrong with it, but some instances can be judgement calls), trying to alter the various templates without knowing what you're doing. I cannot stress that last bit further. Do not try and mess with anything crucial to many articles without at least knowing a good bit about how it works.
  • Lastly, previewing the article can be your best friend. This goes hand in hand with the above. If you're going to change something like a template, at least have the common sense to preview your work before blindly hitting submit.

Top 10 Editors

Event Reception and Turnout

The event has caught the interest of quite a few members on the forums, while it was going. Wiki activity also took a considerable increase with over fifty edits spanning one day, as opposed to the three to four edit a day norm.

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