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UltLuigi's current avatar on the forums.
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Aliases: LuigiofDreams, OcarinaMario, Link53, Aaron
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UltLuigi is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on May 15th, 2011 and the MFGG Forums one week later on May 22nd, 2011. He was one of the most active members to join MFGG after The Split. He was a frequent participant in Sprite Competitions and other competitions.

Coming into MFGG

UltLuigi had never known what a fangame was until he found Super Mario Bros. X, a C++ Super Mario Bros fangame. Before that, he never knew what MFGG was. He was an avid fan of Super Mario Bros Z until its cancellation, and in the credits of Episode 5, there was a line that said "Sprites: http://www.mfgg.net". UltLuigi, curious about what this site was, followed the link, and found the Mario Fan Games Galaxy. However, he didn't sign up yet. Instead, he lurked on the mainsite, and found all sorts of neat games and sprites. He didn't sign up until he had gone to Knuckles96's SMBX Forums, where he had eventually become liked by several of the members. He then noticed someone's signature lead to MFGG, and, after seeing Miles' Super Battle Bros, he signed up on the forums and mainsite.


Shortly after coming into MFGG, Ult was forced to get off the forums, SMBX and MFGG. However, since he had created the accounts already, he couldn't. He then went on hiatus until April of 2012, where he saw the works of DragezeeY and Chaoxys, he came back to the forums of MFGG.

Life in MFGG

After he came back to the forums, he saw that there were many sprites, and he decided that he would start by doing edits. This resulted in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Alternate costumes. However, since people saw them as recolors, he stopped doing them. He then started a fangame known as "Luigi: Shadows of Eight" and enlisted Quotient to help him out. However, Quotient soon left the project, and UltLuigi canned it. He also joined The Stories of M's team, and joined as a promoter and a Level Designer until the game went on hiatus. Once he had gone into summer, he found the Mario Anniversary concept game and wanted to help with it. However, he couldn't find the time to do so. Towards the end of his summer, he joined Goombaking123 in a fangame known as Ultra Mario Bros and had also joined the Super Mario World All Star Edition team and made slight friends with the members there. However, he soon started his first year of High School, and had to leave for a long amount of time, which resulted in his leaving the ASE team. About 2 months later, he came back and began work on a new fangame, known as The Power of Luigi, and worked on it on his weekends. He lost interest in the project and started to experiment with another project that has yet to be announced. He has been honing his drawing and spriting skills since, and gained enough inspiration to make headway into his new fangame.