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A request is an artistic plea for the creation of a Sprite Sheet, rip or tileset. A request can either be directed at a specific artist or a community audience, which sometimes effectively creates an art collaboration.

A request is different from a commission in that a commission is charged. A person who commissions an artist expects them to create the work within an agreed time frame. In addition to the monetary payment, a commissioned artist often gets usage rights to the work. In contrast, a request is made with no expectation of payment.

Request Topics

Request topics are topics in which an artist may offer to draw other members in pursuit of inspiration and attention. More often than not these topics die quickly as a result of the number of requests. These topics flooded the Arts Board for quite some time before a sub-forum was created for the purpose of requests. To the aid of flood prevention was the General Friendliness topic as well. However it was far less effective because artists didn't want to put up with sorting through such a lengthy topic for requests and made their own.

Complaints have circulated against request topics time and time again because of the attention they drew away from other artists who didn't offer to draw the members. Unless they were offered to be drawn, members did seem to ignore the topics. And if they were offered to be drawn, that's all they posted in the topic for. Many artists frustrated that there were more requests than comments and criticism ended their request topics abruptly.

Thanks to the sub-forum, the requests were separated from general artwork and aided in preventing floods that pushed art topics off the page before they were due. And ever since then Request Topics have been ceased to exist.


Several members were known to make an exceptionally large amount of requests within a relatively short time-span, which consistently resulted in mass frustration among other MFGGers. The repeated offense of this by such members as LooneyTunerIan and Asdfghjk resulted in a universal short tolerance of the act being accepted. It has been suggested that official policies be instated regarding requests, however no official policies have been put in place regarding this as of yet.