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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

LooneyTunerIan or LTI for short, is an MFGGer who joined on May 2, 2009. He is infamous for requesting sprite sheets to indirectly contribute content to MFGG. After being muted on the main site, LooneyTunerIan vowed that even though he'll continue submitting sprite sheets to the main site, he would leave negative comments within the descriptions or in the sprite sheets themselves. Due to the hate stamp Ian had made, it is likely that his account will never be unmuted.

Member History

LooneyTunerIan first joined the main site on May 2, 2009. Over the years, he has made many requests for new sprite sheets or additions to already uploaded sheets. Why he frequently asked for these sprites is unknown, as there is zero evidence of him using anything he requested. Nonetheless, the frequent gratuitous requests for sprites were an annoyance to many mainsite users. This behavior apparently continued for years, opposed only by few disgruntled members.

On September 2015, an argument broke out in the comments for Mario RPG Series 8-Bit Sprites between LooneyTunerIan and Somari64. LooneyTunerIan refused to stop making gratuitous requests unless the rules explicitly included circumstances in which he could not. While he fully understood the letter of the law, Ian had no appreciation for the spirit behind it. This, in addition to unnecessarily bashing the sprite sheet, may be the cause of him being muted on the mainsite.

A Foiled Mute Evasion

On September 10, Ian created a duplicate account named DukeyDukeyDoo to evade his mute. On October 1, this account requested a Super Mario Maker section for sprites in an update post, raising red flags for a few members. VinnyVideo inspected the account and discovered that not only was it a dupe, but that both accounts had the same e-mail address. The dupe was quickly banned.

Noticing that his dupe account was banned and that he was being called out for having one, Ian stormed into the forums, still defiant regarding the rules. He then threatened to submit sprite sheets, not having "anything nice to say at all" in their descriptions. As all submissions are inspected by the site staff before being seen by all other users, this immature and poorly thought out plot was bound to fail. According to VinnyVideo, he followed through with this threat--proclaiming "MFGG STINKS!" in a sprite submission (which may have been rejected).

Wiki Activity

In the days following his dupe account's ban, Ian became active on the wiki, editing pages related to him to insinuate that MFGG was at fault for everything that had happened to him. He also blanked his user page redirect, replacing it with a demand to "leave his profile alone". During this time, he also uploaded an animated GIF expressing his hatred for MFGG, unwittingly starting a new fad. Taking into account his previous immaturity, VinnyVideo blocked him from making edits to the wiki for three months, being the first non-spambot account VinnyVideo has ever blocked. After LooneyTunerIan's block was lifted, he started to make more pointless edits on the wiki, which resulted in him getting blocked from the wiki forever on January 17 2016. He was also banned from the forums same day, due to his immature behavior on the main site and wiki.

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