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Mit is one of the more well known spriters, having made a name for himself on MFGG in more recent years.
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Aliases: MarioMaster1, Mista Bird, Mit, Kappa Mikey
Real name: Mike
Interests: Drawing, spriting, video games
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Mit (formerly known as Mario Master or Mista Bird) joined MFGG on Sept 16, 2008. His main focus is spriting and art, among other things.

Over the years, Mit has come to befriend many MFGGers. He can usually be seen with Camtendo, Greeno, and formerly Dustinvgmaster.

Mit's primary skills are spriting and drawing. Previously, he strove to be the be one of the best spriters on MFGG. He would often seek critique on his sprites to improve, but since then, he's become something like a seasoned veteran. He'll occasionally post in threads to help other, newer spriters. Mit's custom Mario-related sprites have been used for a number of things, from banners to other fangames. While spriting Mario is something he is more well known for, he seeks to break out of the Mario mold and work on other things; and arguably has.

After having started more original works, Mit decided to rework his "persona"- what was previously used as his reference became the main character of Power Pop! (see below), but that character has since been replaced. His other character, Miles, is being used in New Horizon (also see below). Miles was originally a revision of the Mit character, but has since become its own thing through a series of design revisions. That leaves the Mit character for its original purpose.

New Horizon and Power Pop!

Currently, Mit is working on his own original series, New Horizon. It involves the adventures of Miles Thanes (who evolved from the Mit character into its own thing) and his friends, however further plot elements have either not been decided, or aren't ready to be released to the public at this time. (Comic blog with more info).

Previously, Mit was working on another series - Power Pop!, which starred what was still the Mit character at the time. Power Pop! has been reworked into something different, and now stars a female protagonist. That's the extent of what's been publicly revealed.

Work in Games

While Mit normally focuses on Mario-related sprites, as they are his strong suit, he also has made original work in a few games.

Mit used to with LordCyber12 on games such as Robot Squad, a top-down Zelda styled adventure, and Ninjular, which was their main project. Ninjular has been in production for quite some time, since about 2010. Both have since however been shelved and no word has been made on if they will be picked up again.

Mit used to be a contributor to the Charisma series.

In 2015, Mit started to work on a game called DAIRANTO!! Mario Bros. DDX, a remake of the original Mario Bros. with added features such as online play, new levels, an abundance of characters and alternate color palettes, and more! The project has since been cancelled, due to Mit being out of contact with Yoshbert and possibly being too ambitious. The team consisted of Mit, Yoshbert, UltLuigi, Camtendo, fireball3k, Mors, GamePixel, Goombaking123, and VinnyVideo.

The Rise and Fall of MFGG TKO

After the death of New Super MFGG Bros., Mit had felt that the concept of an MFGG-centered game is one that shouldn't just be left in the dust. Thus began the long revival of the initial concept. Led by Catezeey, the game would've had a playable cast of newcomers Fujiko and Quotient, with Mit and Supah-Luigi returning to reprise their roles as players 1 and 2 respectively. After a few months of development and conflicting ideas, the game had almost returned to the dead. Mit brought up the idea of a beat 'em up styled game, featuring the same if not a larger cast. This eventually led to the development of MFGG TKO, a platformer/RPG/beat 'em up featuring a playable cast of Mit, Fujiko, and Catezeey, with VinnyVideo, fireball3k, Puddin, supernova, Camtendo, and Miles (taking the appearance of Batbro from The Purple Coin). With TheShyGuy as their coder, work went on for several months. However due to lack of interest and no responses to requests for more spriters and coders, TheShyGuy left the project, resulting in the game becoming shelved once more.


In September 2012, Mit opened a MFGG Minecraft server for MFGGers. The server used to be open around 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM (EST.) After a declining amount of interest, the server has become offline for a number of years now.

(Main MFGG topic with more info)

In March 2016, Mit opened Jimmy T's All-Night Disco Club, a Discord server with an atmosphere similar to that of the previous Skype group, its purpose being somewhere that MFGGers can talk in an environment that is lax, but not without, its rules.

(MFGG topic with more info)