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Genogenesis7 folds his arms by genogenesis7-d4vtezy.png
A self-portrait of Genogenesis7
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Aliases: MarioMaster, Genogenesismario7, Genogen7, GG7, Geno, Greeno
Interests: Drawing, Creative Writing, Directing, Animating, Fangaming
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Genogenesis7 (also known as Greeno in the forums) is a moderately active member of MFGG. He's mostly known for the various sound effects he's ripped, as well as his modestly successful web series, "Genogenesis7 Fangame Showcase Theatre".

Fan Gaming

Genogenesis7 has, to date, only completed either fairly short and simplistic fan games or ridiculous joke games. He is at the moment working on a much larger project, though - Super Mario Bros.: The Cookie of Destiny. His motivation for the project seems to have fallen, though, leaving its future uncertain.

Besides this, he was also rather notable in the genesis of the Crowbar Toss fad, setting into motion the general idea and contributing two games, as well as his involvement and appearances in the Super Charisma Bros. series.

Fan Games He's Made

Below is a full list of fan games Genogenesis7 has either completed or is currently working on. There aren't articles for a lot of these, but they should come in due time.

Other Projects

As mentioned, Geno has a rather formidable number of sound effects he has ripped. he also has an ongoing series on his Youtube channel where he plays a multitude of fan games on MFGG while commentating over them, a series that he calls "Genogenesis7 Fangame Showcase Theatre". Its main goal is to make sure that certain overlooked fan games get more publicity, but he also does it just because it's fun and not all that time-consuming.

Genogenesis7 also had a phase earlier in life where he was an active contributor to newgrounds, again, with modest attention and critical reception, but he lost the resources that allowed him to create flash movies. He hopes to return to this someday, though.


Geno's avatar is a green Geno with a 7 replacing the qp symbol. He has gone through many art shifts in his time, until finally settling on a set design. He created his avatar and username when he was very young, and regards both as extremely mediocre, but he's decided to keep them because he's gotten used to them, as well as the fact that he finds them funny in a so-bad-it's-good sense.