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Interests: Fangame creation
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Mario350 joined the MFGG mainsite August 25, 2012, but has not joined the Message Boards. He is extremely well known for creating fangames that have been consistently poorly recieved. In fact, he has yet to create a game with an average review score of over four.


Mario350 spent quite a while simply viewing other people's creations on the Mainsite. He had made two reviews in 2012, but didn't add very much otherwise. It was not until early 2013 that he finally created a demo for his own fangame titled "Boo Mansion". It was stated as a puzzle game, but critiqued heavily for simple level design, effortless code, and many other things. Despite only getting an average review score of 1.6, he created a demo for a new game only a month later, named "Super Mario Bros Super Quest". Out of nine reviews, it got a 1 (meaning every reviewer gave it the lowest possible score).

Only thirteen days later, he submitted a demo of another game titled "Mario Toad Hunt". This one was generally received as slightly less than mediocre (making it his most enjoyed game). In less than a month, he released a demo of another game, which used Ultramario's Wario Land engine and is called Wario Land 5. The next day, he released his worst received game, Mario Minigame Mayhem, which has the lowest score in the mainsite.