Boo Mansion (game)

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Boo Mansion
Boo Mansion.png
Developer(s) Mario350
Announce Date January 12, 2013
Release Date TBA
Genre Maze
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Demo
 Unknownstatus.png This fangame has no official statement of progress.

It may still be in production, but it may also be scrapped. If you are the author of this game, please specify the game's production status.

Not to be confused with Boo Mansion (member).

Boo Mansion is a fangame that is currently developed by Mario350, and would be his first ever fangame. It was stated as a puzzle game, although many people thought the latest demo doesn't really require thinking at all. A Boo is featured in the game, who managed to stumble into a haunted mansion. The demo was released on January 12, 2013. Due to the negative reception, the game could have likely ceased its development.


The player controls a Boo, who can move in four different directions. The goal is to grab a key, which will unlock a door, and then go into the door. This results with the Boo going to the next level (or if it's the last level, an error message will pop up, as no level exists afterwards). Many Piranha Plants are placed throughout the levels, which can take out the Boo on contact, and have the game restart from the beginning.

Some levels have a potion or two, which can turn a wall of brown blocks into coins (and if there two potions available in the level, another wall of brown blocks will show up in a different position).


The latest demo of Boo Mansion received an overall negative reception, with nearly all of the reviews submitted to the main site giving the game score of 1/10. It was heavily criticized by many for its simple level design, bad controls, clashing and stretched graphics, the lack of thinking required to solve the puzzles, wrongly choiced enemies for the levels' atmosphere, and how it ended with an error message rather than being given a defined end. Not much praise was given to the demo. It currently holds an average score of 1.6/10 on the main site.



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