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One of KirbyLover's first avatars. He tends to change it many times.
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Aliases: Kirb/Kade Berry, SonicKade2048
Interests: Game Development, Graphic Design
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KirbyLover2048 is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on July 17th, 2015. He was considered infamous back then for making sprite sheets that looked low-quality, ignoring and somewhat-to-majorly attacking others who gave him criticism, even if it was constructive. Many times he's derailed various threads; most notably, the Sprites / Art WIP topic. However, he has since improved on his attitude (for the most part), as well as his artwork capabilities.


Early Time

KirbyLover had a hard time fitting in with the rest of MFGG, as he was notably younger than most, if not many, users around the main site and forums. He has two separated disorders known as autism spectrum disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He had many, as they were called, "mental breakdowns" on both sites during this time, claiming he had trouble controlling himself and his autism and/or ADHD. This is not always the case, as most of the time when he has these breakdowns, he blames it on his autism and/or ADHD. Other times he says he doesn't know what happens, and it could be something different than said disorders. This caused him to get into many problems, making some users upset at him and even make him get banned from the sites on separate occasions. He has made plenty of alternate accounts to bypass these bans, but they extended his bans even longer.

Alongside these bans and many other problems, KirbyLover has been known around most of MFGG as a troubled kid who doesn't know right from wrong, though not everyone calls him by that. No person has ever called him certain names/nicknames, but he believes that the people of MFGG talked about him behind his back, somewhat badly. This, however, has been left in the past.

Other places KirbyLover has stirred trouble at was the original MFGG IRC chat, along with the Club Saturn EX Discord Server that was made a while later. He was kicked from the IRC a multitude of times, one of the main reasons being complaining about entering a digital sprite for a pencil-to-paper drawing competition. When joining the Discord server sometime later (Which at the time wasn't the official server), KirbyLover had more outbursts and caused more trouble, making him be banned from there and creating more alts to bypass them. Club Saturn EX has since then been used for talking, but at a much later date, was deleted off of Discord. Logs of the server remain with some MFGG Site Staff.

Later in the Years

When KirbyLover made an account on the forums, he started off doing a sort of "roleplaying" mechanic that didn't quite catch on sooner or later. He had a green Shy Guy and purple Koopa Troopa named after him, which at the time, didn't make sense to even his friends. He made many strange topics on the forums, most of which retaining to things he wanted the community to work on ("Choose Your Own Adventure" scenarios for one), all of which caused him to get even more upset with many of the people on the forums. Some people took them as a joke and liked messing with KirbyLover, joking around with what he thought was terrorizing or even abuse. With the "rage-educing" posts that he made, his Warning level/percentage was raised. One of the topics he made on the forums was for sprite comics, titled "Comical Mischief", and didn't quite catch on with some users. After two joke posts, KirbyLover had an outburst, and Cruise Elroy (Formerly known as Blutorus) locked the topic after posting a comic of his own (See right).

The comic Blutorus made before shutting down Kirby's thread.

The topic being locked caused KirbyLover to get even angrier, and it raised his Warn Level once again. He soon made more topics to get him into even more trouble (Along with more alt accounts to bypass bans he had gotten), and was later on banned for a year after reaching a 100% Warn Level.

Getting Unbanned

At one point, KirbyLover's warn level on the forums had gotten to 100%, causing him to be banned for a year (As mentioned before). Many of his actions had been seen to be improved on, as he wasn't causing many problems as he was earlier in time, but he still had some slip-ups on other MFGG-related places. He was muted on the main site for several outbursts to other users, "yelling" at them in bold and uppercase letters. He had also been causing mischief in the newer Discord servers, them being Hotel Delfino and a more official one called Mario Fan Games Galaxy. He had also been poking around in the Mega Man Maker Discord server, a server for the Super Mario Maker-themed fangame of the video game series Mega Man. It was there where KirbyLover caused the most trouble of all, posting a laughing-crying emoji (Labeled as the Joy emoji) on over 50 posts in the server as a "joke", and when he brought it into the Mario Fan Games Galaxy server, many of the users had caught up with it and, soon after, KirbyLover was banned from there as well.

It wasn't until before his ban would let up, on April of 2017, that he spoke to VinnyVideo about his ban, and with enough talking and time pass by, KirbyLover2048 was let up from his ban earlier than expected. He has been acting more mature with his actions, not causing trouble as much, and is learning more from the users around him.

State of Hiatus

On September 16th, 2018, KirbyLover announced that, because of many things troubling him (both in real life and online), he would be "going away" from the site of MFGG for some time. He stated "I have decided that I am going to leave MFGG, or at the very least, go on a hiatus for a while", so it is unclear if he is going to truly leave forever or not. A couple of users have talked to him about this situation.

Recent Activity

It is unknown what KirbyLover- who has now renamed himself to SonicKade2048- is doing outside of MFGG by this time; at least, to other MFGGers. He left the Discord server months ago, and aside from being on the forums every now and then, no MFGGer knows what he's spending his time on. Occasionally he'd make a thread or two with forum games, information, etc., but his true state of being is unclear.

As of 7/13/2019, KirbyLover re-entered the Discord server at approximately 9:54 PM.


  • During the MFGG Awards of 2015, KirbyLover2048 was nominated for Best Newcomer (although he was incorrectly named KirbyLover45).
  • He likes the videos made by popular YouTuber "SiIvaGunner".
  • KirbyLover started a minor fad in the (unofficial) Club Saturn EX Discord server, where many users copied his name (for example, Dustinvgmaster would be DustinLover5827), having the user's name be combined with "Lover", and a 4-digit string of numbers at the end.