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Aliases: KirbyLover2048_ALT, Kirb, TheForgotten, PaintDotNetMaster, Kirb Berry, Kirbstar, Cloud & Thunder, The Voice Inside Your Head, Vulpix
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who is permanently banned.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

KirbyLover2048 is an MFGGer who joined the forums on July 17, 2015. He was considered infamous for making sprite sheets that have been considered by many to be low quality, ignoring, and attacking people who gave him criticism. He's also made a habit of derailing various threads, most notably, the Sprites/Art WIP topic.



Early Posts

When KirbyLover first joined the forums, he opened a thread named "Kirb's Gallery of Sprites". The thread wasn't about sprites. Instead, it had a conversation between two fan characters, Kirb the Shy Guy and Kirb the Koopa. Due to the weirdness of the situation, people started to roleplay just to mess with KirbyLover. After a while, he stopped roleplaying and started to make normal posts.

On January 5, 2016, he forgot the password of his account and made a new account named KirbyLover2048_ALT. However, on Febuary 6, 2016 he somehow managed to access his old account, right after causing trouble on the forums once again. On the same day, KirbyLover's both accounts were banned for a month. The following day, he registered another account in order to apologize on the Sprites / Art W.I.P. Topic for his behavior, though the ban remained in place.

Mental Breakdown

Roughly until the end of the first of half of 2016, Kirbylover had a series of outbursts in various threads, such as the aforementioned Sprites/Art WIP topic. He made a topic in the Arts Board, called "Comic Mischief" (later "Comical Mischief") for people to post their comics. After Mors and Friendly Dictator made a joke out of it, Kirbylover had yet another public outburst. The topic was quickly locked by Blutorus. During the Drawing Comp #2 2016, where users were tasked with creating a third Mario brother, he submitted a resized and edited sprite of SMAS + World Luigi, named Jario. When people told him that this was exempt from entry, he had another outburst and posted a message under spoiler that consisted in more than 5 lines of the words "MENTAL BREAKDOWN". Blutorus quickly deleted the post after he was notified, yet Kirbylover did not receive a warn.

MFGG Town Square and Outside Disputes

After the post, Kirbylover went to the IRC to complain. He quickly became fed up there as well, and left. Later the same day, he made a thread called "MFGG Town Square #1", claiming that not many people use the IRC and that it was a "basic, general thread for talking about stuff". He then proposed the question, "Do I seem like the kind of person who should be on this forum, when all I do is mess things up and get myself into trouble, along with making myself feel bad over people trying to help calm me down?"

The thread gained immediate traffic, with Mors explaining that threads like it usually get shut down, along with an elaboration on his statement from Mit as well as an invite to the unofficial Discord server. Kirbylover, however, did not accept the invite, and joined Club Saturn EX (run by Dustinvgmaster) at a later time. On June 14th, 2016, Kirbylover abused one of the various bot functions (in its dedicated channel, however), and was told to stop by Dustin. However, Kirbylover disregarded any amount of authority the admins held over him, and was banned after doing "One last thing." He then made a post on the forums, titled "Just me, myself", complaining. His ban on Club Saturn was extended, as outside disputes aren't allowed on MFGG and highly discouraged in the server.

Ban, Dupes, Chats

KirbyLover2048 had made several posts in The Life Event Thread, which all broke the forum rules. They were deleted by the staff, and then KirbyLover2048's warn level had hit 100%. He was also banned on the main site. On September 8th, 2016, KirbyLover registered another dupe known as PaintDotNetMaster. This account only made two posts, one of which was in a forum game called "DUMBFOUNDED". In it, you post something exceptionally stupid or embarrassing you've done. The post was contained in a spoiler, and it described his account of the previous events he experienced on MFGG, and ended with him revealing his identity and asking for forgiveness. This post has since been deleted, and the account was banned. On December 25, 2016, KirbyLover registered yet another dupe on both the forums and mainsite, simply called Kirb Berry. He stated that he got impatient waiting for his ban to expire and wanted to show some sprites. HylianDev, Miles, and Nite Shadow were all quickly alerted, but only the forums account banned. Regardless, the works shown in his post signified some improvement. On January 6th, 2017, KirbyLover had read this page and posted a comment on the mainsite asking for somebody to "Explain." the page. Kirby's Adventure responded, to which KirbyLover simply said "Shut. It. DOWN." Blutorus brought this up to the rest of the staff, and his dupe on the mainsite was banned as well.

Kirbylover had been muted in Hotel Delfino, and has come close to being muted in the CFP 2017 Discord. He has apologized multiple times, but his mute is indefinite until he actually realizes why he was muted. More recently, however, he has left both the CFP 2017 and Hotel Delfino chats. More recently, Kirbylover has complained in the VG Resource Discord server. He claimed he wanted to kill himself, but denied that he actually wanted to do it after being questioned.

Current Status

KirbyLover is currently working on a Roblox game known as "Grandopolis" for the time being. It will be a Grand Dad Mania-themed roleplay game, along with having other types of activities to keep people occupied, such as obstacle courses. The game will be more than just the city level, Grandopolis, as he has uploaded many "decals" to Roblox, most of them being tiles from Grandopolis and the Stone Age level. The original graphics can be found on The Spriters' Resource.


  • During the MFGG Awards of 2015, KirbyLover2048 was nominated for Best Newcomer (although he was incorrectly named KirbyLover45).
  • He has a strange affinity for sprite comics, and people on the forums found them to have lackluster quality.
  • KirbyLover has made so many fan characters that he can't remember all of them.
  • Kirbylover has an affinity for internet memes, specifically those originating from or relating to Siivagunner.


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