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During the MFGG EzBoard days, due to the native structure of the system, there was no "warn" technical system. At that time, because the forums were in their early stages, and the community was almost completely friendly, warns weren't generally necessary. If a member made an error, or defied the rules, a verbal warning was given either in a PM format, or on a reply to their post. Anything past that constituted a ban, which were rarely given.

A Warn (implemented later on in the Invision version) was a simple disciplinary action taken towards members if they committed a minor infraction. They would last for an arbitrary amount of time, though it was later standardized to last 3 months. The Invision board started with 5 warns per user; the loss of all warning points would constitute a temporary ban. Many felt this was too lax, and it was later shortened to 3 warns. The boards used the 3-heart system for a while, before behavioral issues began to surface at an alarming rate. The system was completely rewritten, and warns are no longer used. This new system uses temporary bans, the length of which depends on the particular infraction.

"Hearts" would be restored every three months, however once a year on Valentine's day, a heart would be restored just to be nice.

phpBB Warn System

MFGG has switched to a hybrid points-based warning system. Everyone starts with a clean slate, with 0 points on their record. Every time they are disciplined for breaking a rule, warn points will be added to their account. The exact number will depend on the offense. Periodically, points will expire from your account. The current warning status can be seen in each of your posts. Some of the major details are listed below.

  • Each user maxes out at 30 warn points.
  • If you reach your warn point maximum, you will be automatically suspended for one year. This replaces the permaban.
  • When you return from a one-year suspension, your warning level will be 90% of its maximum.
  • Every 20 days, one point will automatically expire from your account.

At higher percentages, users will be automatically suspended each time they receive a warning. The suspension times are fixed by the board and relate only to your current warn status, not what you are receiving a warning for. The following list gives the times and warning levels.

  • 40%: Suspended for 1 day
  • 60%: Suspended for 2 days
  • 70%: Suspended for 4 days
  • 80%: Suspended for 7 days
  • 90%: Suspended for 10 days
  • 100%: Suspended for 1 year

Mods will assign warning points from ranges defined for the following 4 categories:

  • Small offenses: 1 - 3 points
  • Medium offenses: 4 - 6 points
  • Big offenses: 8 - 12 points
  • Super offenses: 13 - 20 points

The definition of small, medium, big, and super are up to the moderating team. The moderating team maintains a loose guide for which types of offenses fit into which category, and each mod will decide at the time of warning how many points to assign from within a given category.

Taken from this page on the MFGG forums.

MyBB Warn System

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