Demon Beast Delivery

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Demon Beast Delivery
Developer(s) Friendly Dictator
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date September 5th, 2011
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8.1
Platform Windows
Status Released

Demon Beast Delivery is a Kirby fangame by Friendly Dictator. It was his entry for Minigame Competition #10, the theme of which was "2 buttons only."


The player is Customer Service of Holy Nightmare Co. (From the Kirby anime), and they have to use the arrow keys to move the demon beasts to the teleporters that go to the people that want them.


Nite Shadow Pointed two flaws in the game during the minigame competition. First you can just drop all of the enemies without penalty. And Enemies can just idle next to the wall without being teleported and penalty. View Post


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