Chain Chompa

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Chain Chompa

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Aliases: Cocained Mario, MFGGSux
Interests: Spamming the boards
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Chain Chompa is an infamous spammer of MFGG who registered (and was permabanned]]) in 2006.

Once he had arrived, Chain Chompa wasn't initially a negative impact. Though his spelling wasn't up to scratch and he wasn't the best behaved member, it was too early to infer comments. This was soon short lived, as Chain Chompa was banned for various reasons. The most amusing one was the flame "ASSHOLW MODY" to Trasher, which Trasher kept in his signature for several weeks after this.

Chain Chompa joined many other forums under the username "MFGGSux". Admins of these forums took action, and he was eventually banned from these forums as well. Chain Chompa decided to register on MFGG again, but was banned. The most recent duplicate account created by Chompa was "Cocained Mario". Under this title he pretended to be "Someone who was high by smoking cocaine."

Cocained Mario was a troll member who posted violent and pornographic pictures on December 19th, 2007. He was originally a duplicate of Chain Chompa back in 2006 who was taken care of almost instantly, however for unknown reasons he managed to return over a year later.


He posted the same group of disgusting images twice - in one of Yoshiman's weekly news topics in the News Forum, and in the Super Smash Bros Brawl NEWS! thread. This group of images appeared to have been the same as the one flooded all over the forums on a past date by troll accounts "LambOfGod" and "Dr.Mewthree".

Cocained Mario's posting of these images happened at a time when no Global Moderators or Administrators were online, so the images stayed for a little while, with only a General Chat topic created to warn members of their presence. However, moderator RageMario (who had no post-editing power in the News or Wii Discussion forums) had banned Cocained Mario quickly. Later on Captain Jeff Silvers and FanGuy deleted the images.

Cocained Mario's second appearance is a confusing one. Chain Chompa had seemingly got bored of "attacking" MFGG and had not been seen in months, and the original Cocained Mario account had supposedly been permabanned by Trasher and therefore was in theory, unable to post. It is unknown whether this was simply an error adding ban time, or a completely different spammer using the same account name.

Later, on MFGG 3.0, Cocained Mario returned, however, it was proven to be not Chain Chompa, but a GeneralGuy alt.