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The News & Events forum is where announcements and events (like staff promotions, Secret Santa, MFGG Awards, etc) are posted at. It was first known as News and is originally created by Klobber as a way to post news regarding general gaming, such as new game and console releases.

News does find its way to its own forum on occasion provided that there is a flood of topics about the same subject in one forum. This can typically be seen during and after the launch of a highly anticipated game or system. Most recently the Nintendo Wii brought with it a forum and it is being used for impressions and further news regarding the system and its games. Earlier forums were temporary and were deleted when activity died down, however the Wii Discussion forum and the the Wifi and Online Gaming forum are currently still up.

The original news forum was closed to the public because it ran out of usefulness, and was now used as a testing grounds for admins. A new News Forum was included in the June 2007 revamp of the forums as an MFGG Forum and fangame news bulletin.

The News Forum became obsolete when switching to phpBB, and became replaced with announcements. However, many MFGGers missed and/or didn't read the announcements, so on May 23rd, 2010 the News forum was resurrected, under the name News! at that time. It was later renamed into News & Events on April 6th, 2014.

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