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Burninleo, also known as gamester on the main site, is a fangame creator who primarily uses Game Maker as his weapon of choice for creating works of gaming art that have been well received by the MFGG community. BurninLeo first discovered MFGG back in 2003/2004 but didn't become a member until late 2005 where he submitted his first project to the site, Super Mario World Reloaded.

Normal Super Mario Bros. Games

Three of his more famous games on MFGG include the Normal Super Mario Bros. series. It stars Mario, Toad, and Luigi going through SMB1, 2, and 3 in a stranger theme than normal. The games have the player control Mario in the first game, Toad in the second game, and Luigi in the third game, as they each get a Fuzzy from Yoshi's Island. The Fuzzy takes them on a crazy, remixed first level from each respective game, with bunches of new mechanics in every game.

Graphics change as well, ranging from real life photos cropped and edited onto Goomba feet to multicolored shapes floating in the background, even having the graphics for coins coming out of Question Blocks in Normal SMB3 to change to NES sprites of many different items and characters, such as Kirby.

The games are seen in a variety of YouTube videos, as well.