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Powerstars' avatar, plugging his YouTube show, The Alliance.
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Aliases: Powerstars321
Interests: Fangaming, Spriting, Mario, Pokemon, The Beatles, The Muppets
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Powerstars, known as Powerstars321 on the main site, is a forum lurker, currently working on his first game. His real first game got dropped fairly quickly, as the Super Mario Bros. 2 engine he was using, well, sucked! This article will tell about his history in fangaming, and Mario, and sweegle-dorp, and all that good stuff!

Introduction To Mario

Powerstars was playing the NES when he was a toddler. Well, messing with the controller! His first true gaming experience was Super Mario Brothers 3. Then he played Mario 1. He didn't have a DS when NSMB came out, but his brother did, and he also had the game. It wasn't long before Powerstars got introduced to the internet...

MFGG Beginnings

Powerstars got onto the internet, and he watched tons of videos about Mario on YouTube. He also watched a couple on NewGrounds. Eventually, he discovered The Spriter's Resource. It wasn't long before he got onto MFGG. He didn't get an account for quite sometime, though. When he first did, he submitted sub-par sprite sheets that got rejected. He used many sprite sheets in his YouTube videos. He still makes sprite videos today. You can find them on his YouTube account, Powerstars321. Then, he got onto the Message Boards. His submissions for the Sprite Competitions sucked. He has matured since, however. Today, he is working a Fangame. It will run on a modified "Hello" engine.