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Aliases: MetroidGuy, Foreman M. Vyers
Real name: Clay Waters
Interests: gaming, music, writing
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Fireball3k was an oldbie who left MFGG after the EZBoard was abandoned for the next version of forum software, but returned in 2013. Fireball3k has had cameos in a number of old fangames, such as Mario Left the Cheese Out, Super Mario Storm, and, more recently, What is This Thing?. His furry reference was a fire color-schemed edit of Mighty, which shared his fascination with bombs, fireworks, and other explosive devices.

Fireball3k joined MFGG shortly after its foundation in 2001, and witnessed several pivotal events in its history first-hand, such as the Great Kyle Flamewar. Though he was not particularly productive compared to some other members of the time, he did create some of the earliest examples of the multi-frame lib fad. One game he produced, Mario CoinPuzzle, was also featured in a cutscene of What is This Thing?. He also completed a platformer inspired by Super Mario Storm titled "MFGG: Gone Totally Bonkers", which was only distributed to several people and has been lost to time.

After leaving MFGG, he was known to once more become an active member during 2013. He did, however, create a new account as early as March 20th, 2011, but did not follow through with it due to MFGG's lack of a general chat subforum at the time. His nostalgia later lead him to the MFGG Wiki, and ultimately, the Forums on January 6th, 2013. He was then noticed and remembered by a great many oldbies, and even Thunder Dragon commented on Fireball3k's return. From that point on, he once more became an active member.


  • Despite the similarity of his name to Iceman3k, the two members are unrelated despite being active around the same time.