Great Kyle Flamewar

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Back when the site had its old reign, a member named Kyle was on the forums as "K eRa no1", who owned a site called Nintendo Fan Games Community (NFGC)). During 2002, he had been an admin of the forums and an updater for the MFGG main site. On the April of 2002, the main site and everything included disappeared without warning, however, the forums were still alive. After investigating the matter, Thunder Dragon had concluded that it was Kyle who deleted the entire site.

The MFGG forums had transformed from:

  • A topic on Somari
  • A topic on a Metal Slug fangame
  • "ok....."
  • A request for MugenMidget's aid
  • A callout to Trasher
  • A tutorial on crafting Mario-esque paperweights
  • A greeting to all reading
  • A submission of a sprite-library file
  • A question about emulators


  • "Cutty, you have left me with no choice..."
  • A post speaking of how friendly the author is
    with Kyle, perhaps sarcastic
  • A request for a ROM of Sonic and Knuckles locked onto another Sonic game
  • A link to another board
  • A callout to all administrators
  • A worried question about the site's fate
  • An apology
  • A surrender
  • An angry demand to end the madness

There were many posts of flaming, sadness, and grief. Everyone blamed Kyle, due to his name being brought public as the suspect. This sparked many libs, and several games with Kyle getting killed, fried, or beheaded, some of which included an MFGG sign with a cross on it.

It was later found that Kyle was actually hacked by Lexef. People were shocked, and apologized, but because of their state of grief, still looked down upon Kyle as an "evil overlord." IPs were found to be different, and Lexef was well known for the major hacking of SFGHQ in 2000. He was also a close friend with Kyle. Kyle admitted fault to Thunder Dragon as he didn't believe this disaster would have happened if he hadn't been a friend of Lexefs. Thunder Dragon knew that Kyle had not been viewing the website himself, as he had to search for him on an online game to inform him.

Lexef was a very well known member of SFGHQ and also knew the owners of, which explains how he hacked SFGHQ a year before the Great Kyle Flamewar.

Since then, the site has been moved and deleted after being backed up several times. This was the first time MFGG had been deleted.