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Aliases: Dr Mario PHD, Dr Mario MD
Interests: Megaman, Art, Music Creation
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Davidus was a member of MFGG accidentally introduced by Cutman who was hacking him at the time using a simple Trojan program for humourous reasons. His childish nature and n00bish ways made him a very unlikeable member.

Davidus has always had a strange and scary obsession with Misty from the Pokémon series.


Cutman and Doctor Octopus met Davidus on an old Yahoo! chatroom. They took advantage of his gullibility and fooled him into receiving a Sub7 server. After tracking his computer it was discovered that he was lying about many things, including his age. He also had a nasty nature of copying ideas, and almost everything he has created is unoriginal or is a ripoff of something else.

Eventually he made his way to the forums, where Cutman, Doctor Octopus and Quickman quickly made him their enemy. After a few months he vanished. Trails of his old accounts can be found all over the internet. Try searching for Davidus Hawley on Google.

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